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It’s time to upgrade your home with top-quality, seamless gutters by Infiniti Roofing & Remodeling. We will partner with you to find the ideal solution for your home and your budget. Our professional team is ready and experienced in this process.

Our gutter installation method is quick and seamless. Your new gutters will create a more effective and efficient drainage system for your property. As an added benefit, new gutters give your home a clean, finished look that enhances your curb appeal.

First, the gutter experts at Infiniti Roofing & Remodeling in Canton will evaluate the state of your current gutters. Once we identify any issues, we will recommend the right solutions to fit your budget.

Poor drainage can really damage your home. Fix the problem before it’s too late. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate today.

Types of Gutters We Install

Our professional staff is here to guide you through the variety of gutter sizes, styles, and benefits of each type. Our #1 goal is to determine the best style and options for your home.

We want you to understand the process, so we make sure all of your questions are answered before work begins. Below, you’ll find information on our most popular gutter system: seamless gutters.

Seamless Gutters

If you’re looking for affordable, seamless gutters, the aluminum option is tough to beat. We custom-design the gutters to perfectly fit your home. They will never crack or split, making them the longest-lasting drainage solution out there.

After installing gutters for years, we can confidently say that seamless gutters are the best gutter systems for our Canton, GA climate. For more information and options, get in touch with our experienced staff today. We also perform gutter guard installation services.

Gutter FAQs

What’s the cost to install new gutters in Canton, GA?

Most seamless gutter installations cost $10 per foot, which includes installation and materials. The average cost here in Canton, GA is about $1,500 for the whole project.

What are the most popular types of gutters in Canton, GA?

Because of our climate, seamless gutters are the best option. One reason for this is that they have fewer joints, which means less chance for leaves and other debris to get stuck and cause a blockage. 

Do gutters protect my foundation?
The reason we use gutters is to redirect water from our homes. The rainwater flows through the gutters and is deposited in an area safely away from your foundation and siding. 
Can I install my own gutters?

You can certainly try, but most of our clients tell us that they start the project themselves, only to give up because they don’t have the right tools, time or patience. Save yourself the headache and let one of our experienced contractors complete the project. 

Gutters are an important part of protecting your home. When not properly controlled, excess rainwater can slide off your roof and harm your foundation or cause erosion. Installing gutters is a relatively inexpensive way to protect the structure of your home. Call the recommended Canton, GA roofers today and speak with an estimator to get started on your project.

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